York City Police Department Lip Sync

York City Police Department Lip Sync

Pennsylvania’s York City Police Lip Sync Challenge – Lip Sync to Eye of the Tiger as they chase down a stolen Maple Donuts truck!

York Pennsylvania Mayor Michael Helfrich did not want this video aired at a York Revolution baseball game and YCPD fundraiser as originally planned, due to the use of a Maple Donuts truck in the video. Read the full story here:



Here’s how you can help! Show your support for the YCPD by donating to the GoFundMe page here:


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This video is a fun and humorous way to humanize law enforcement and make them more approachable and loved. This video intended to do that as well as raise money for YCPD new equipment. The Mayor’s disapproval banned the video from being shown at the fundraiser on August 25th, and the Police Department is also disallowed from sharing it. Continue to show your support for the YCPD and incite the mayor to reverse the decision to ban this video!

Deep Focus and BeBlonde! created this video to support the York City Police Department – we volunteered our time and services, if you would like to donate money please give to the YCPD!

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