Watch now – 23-July-2019 – WorldWatch.TV News – Tuesday-night report

Watch now – 23-July-2019 – WorldWatch.TV News – Tuesday-night report

Summary of tonight’s 23-Jul-2019 WorldWatch.TV news
– provided as a help to those following Luke 21:36 –
• Flash floods as storms hit New York area
• Boris Johnson wins race to be Tory leader and PM
• Boris Johnson – Who is the next UK PM
• What to expect from Mueller hearings
• G20 – Trump jokes to Putin about Russian election meddling
• 228 Earthquakes today – biggest 6.0 Ballenu Islands
• 215 Earthquakes yesterday – biggest 5.5 Indonesia
• 218 Earthquakes Sunday – biggest 5.5 Guam
• Cairo flights – Lufthansa resumes services but BA cancels
• Russia alarmed by large fall in bee populations
• Mystery surrounds animal deaths on France’s farms
• Drought in Chennai vs Flooding in South Asia
• Wreckfish – The fish that gobbles up sharks

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