Previously on Pillow Talk

Previously on Pillow Talk

For its first bicoastal offering, Pillow Talk presented SALTC (Sex and Love in the City), two complementary events—one at Kimpton Hotel Eventi in New York, and one at El Centro’s new residential community in Los Angeles. Each event formed a portrait sex and love in their respective city through readings, screenings, performance, art, and discussion. Both events events were live-streamed.

Joining organizing hosts Fiona Duncan and Mara Mckevitt, were a selection of interdisciplinary professionals who shared their visions of sex and love in the city live in including live contributions from personal trainer Dion Olivier, artist and fashion writer Jordan Barse, author Natasha Stagg (Surveys, Sleeveless), and artist Valentina Vaccarella.

Media contributions from Alexa Karolinski and Eckhaus Latta, model and artist Alicia Novella Vasquez, former gallerist Bianca Lanza, musician Chicken, Fiona Alison Duncan, psychoanalyst and author Jamieson Webster, musician Lauren Devine, artist and designer Martina Cox, author Samuel R. Delany (Times Square Red, Times Square Blue), musician Ren G, artist Torey Thornton, and more.

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