On the Picket Lines With Striking Auto Workers

On the Picket Lines With Striking Auto Workers

GUEST: Mike Elk, Senior Labor Reporter, PaydayReport.com.

BACKGROUND: The United Auto Workers this weekend announced a massive strike aimed at General Motors. Fifty thousand autoworkers have walked off their jobs at GM factories in a number of states saying they want the company to spend some of its profits on wage increases and benefits. UAW says workers want “Fair Wages, Affordable Healthcare, Our Share of Profits, Job Security, and A Defined Path to Permanent Seniority for Temps.” The strike began on Sunday night at 11:59 pm. Here is labor reporter Mike Elk speaking with workers on the verge of strike. PLAY VIDEO. Those are the voices of GM workers with United Auto Workers about to walk off their jobs in Rochester, New York, speaking with Mike Elk, senior Labor Reporter for PaydayReporter.com. We turn now to Mike for a conversation.

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