Masizakhe- Building Each Other – Trailer – TWN

Masizakhe- Building Each Other – Trailer – TWN

Masizakhe: Building Each Other

“Masizakhe, Building Each Other” explores the role of art, social activism and Hip-Hop in education and presents students, teachers, artists and principals working to support each other while re-establishing individual and cultural identities.This is an important and inspiring film that demonstrates that Hip-Hop is a global culture committed to peace and youth liberation. It has been a powerful means of initiating classroom and community discussions on these topics.

The film features South African spoken word artisits and hip hop groups like Ghetto Youth Uprising. Stunningly beautiful, Masizakhe: Let Us Build Together will stimulate discussions on art, education, language, race, and African studies.

“The youth activists in South Africa are prime examples of how Hip Hop continues to empower lives worldwide. In this documentary, the blended culture of Africa and Hip Hop are used to educate and uplift the post-Apartheid communities of Port Elizabeth, Walmer Township, and Motherwell Township. Artistic expressions such as toyi-toyi, spoken word, emceeing, the cipher, break dancing, and graffiti all serve as vehicles to reawaken minds and redefine freedom grounded in African morals. Recommended for school, public, and academic libraries alike. A useful enhancement to libraries that support African and African American studies.”
– Ayodele Ojumu, Buffalo Public Schools, Educational Media Reviews Online

“A powerful, engaging, incisive and hopeful chronical of the journey of South Africans to overcome centuries of oppression and a testament to the strength of the human spirit to survive and envision possibilities against great odds.”
– Professor James A. Banks, University of Washington

“A captivating, compelling, and notable work of art and a must see for anyone interested in the enduring power of art and the potential it offers for post-conflict societies to forge a new way forward. As such, it can inspire youths of other post-conflict societies of Africa (such as Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Burundi) and elsewhere to find tools in their history and culture to understand themselves, deal with challenges of their time, and contribute to a better future.”
– Professor Aimable Twagilimana, State University of New York College at Buffalo
Angelica and Scott Macklin
Producer: Open Hand Reel
80 minutes
South Africa/US

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