Here, Data

Here, Data

Gabrielle Mertz
Solo exhibition
SL Gallery New York
January 30-February 22, 2019

Here, Data places data structures and the space they inhabit in the center of the exhibition and in a physical relationship with the viewer. The works translate visual data from a variety of media sources—including international press and AP wires, television news, film and lens-based media, live apps, and others—into different structures and forms that distill and reconstruct the process of viewing.

For this exhibition, Mertz has created a site-specific, immersive light installation using real-time visual data from 24-hour cable news to create a colorfield projection and spatial work. As the source feed is live, the work changes and reacts throughout the run of the exhibition, functioning as a type of live performance and moving painting. As she has done with other projects, Mertz has hijacked technology and equipment to function differently than its intended use in order to build a digital-analog hybrid space and stage for viewing.

The exhibition includes large-scale pigment works on photographic paper that utilize and translate data from media and film sources into color, pattern, and form. Moving from the digital to analog and back again, Mertz is visually reading and rereading data in the process, digitally sculpting and building the data into new structures and images.

Mertz also created a specific set of digital works to be accessed directly online and received through a phone, as well as displayed in the gallery. Responding to data and visual feeds from current news sources each week of the exhibition, these works are part of her larger, ongoing Album series, which creates and groups series of works designed to be viewed on a personal screen and delivered in sequence.

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