Electric Dream Exhibition Part II

Electric Dream Exhibition Part II

Electric dreams
June 13 – July 7 2019
Opening: 13.06.2019 from 7 pm
Gallery +359, Galichitsa Str. 9, Sofia
Curator Albena Baeva
The exhibition Electric Dreams includes new works by Albena Baeva, Marina Genova, Stefan Donchev, as well as the Synthetic Abstractions prints by Tom White from New Zealand.
After New York, London, New Delhi and even this year’s Venice Biennale, art involving artificial intelligence has reached Sofia. The first exhibition in Bulgaria of artworks that have been created in collaboration with artificial intelligence will be shown at the gallery +359 between 13 June and 7 July.

Credits: Albena Baeva, Stefan Donchev, Mike Koenig, Smoothie, Marianne Gagnon

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