Dirty Games – The Dark Side of Sports

Dirty Games – The Dark Side of Sports

The Film “Dirty Games” is an expedition to the dirty abyss of professional sports. The award winning investigative journalist Benjamin Best (among others: CNN Journalist of the Year 2011) takes a global look behind the scenes at the colourful world of sports and exposes the bitter taste behind the multi-billion sports business. From Europe to the USA. From South America to Asia. This film, which draws upon very personal stories by protagonists from all over the world, shows how the sport system operates, and it gives those who are protesting an opportunity to speak out against the system. In the process, it also exposes new and sinister wheeling and dealing in the world of sports.

Tim Donaghy – former NBA Referee
Charles Farrell – former Boxing Manager
Bonita Mersiades – former head of Corporate Affairs at the Football Federation Australia
Dr. Christopher Gaffney – Geographer University Zürich
Senol Guenes – former Head Coach of Turkish National Football Team

“Excellent Film” – New York Festivals

“The most heart-breaking scene of Best’s new movie, Dirty Games, takes place on the banks of a river in Triyuga in the Udayapur district of Nepal. A woman on her knees screams to the heavens. She has sunk to the ground after being confronted by the cold, dead face of her husband.” – The Daily Beast

“The film is at its best when showing the actual human cost of these stories we read, then immediately forget.” – South China Morning Post


International Film Maker Festival London 2016: Best Director & Best Editing
New York Festivals 2016: Silber Medal Documentaries, Silber Medal Cinematography, Bronze Medal Editing
Milano International Ficts Fest 2016: Guirlande D’Honneur
Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards 2016: Best Foreign Film, Best Director & Best Editing
Ouchy Film Award 2016: Best Documentary Film
Snowdance Filmfestival 2016: Best Documentary Film
StarDoc Festival 2016: Best Documentary Film

/ 5.


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